Sarah Battersby

Sarah Battersby

University of South Carolina
Department of Geography
Callcott, Room 325
Columbia, SC 29208

Sarah Battersby is an Associate Professor in the Geography Department at the University of South Carolina. Sarah received her MA (2001) and Ph.D. (2006) in Geography from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her primary research interest is in GIScience, with an emphasis on cognition. Specifically she focuses on identifying ways in which we can make the process of communicating visual spatial information clearer and more efficient. Her recent research covers a variety of topics, including perception in dynamic map displays, the development of spatial thinking skills, the role of GIS in education, and distortion in cognitive maps. In addition to her work with CaGIS, Sarah is a member of the International Cartographic Association Commission on Map Projections, is cartographic editor for the Journal of Geography, and serves on the editorial board for Cartographic Perspectives. Sarah has been a member of CaGIS since 2001.