Dan Cole

Dan Cole
Director, 2011-2014

Smithsonian Institution
1000 Jefferson Drive Southwest
Washington D.C., DC 20560


Daniel G. Cole is the GIS Coordinator of the Smithsonian Institution (SI). He has worked in this position since 1990, and since 1986 has served as the research cartographer at SI, including work for the Handbook of North American Indians and the National Museum of the American Indian. Prior to working at the Smithsonian, he worked as a geographer/cartographer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, NOAA, University of Maryland, and Oregon State University. His educational background consists of undergraduate (SUNY Albany) and masters (Michigan State Univ.) degrees, plus two years of post–Masters study (Oregon State Univ.), in geography with specializations in cartography and remote sensing. Currently, he is working on maps for museum exhibits, the development of the Ocean GeoPortal, co-editing a multi-authored book on cartography in Native American affairs, and involved in investigations of biodiversity and species range prediction through the GIS/Remote Sensing interface. From June 2009 to June 2010, he was president of the Canadian Cartographic Association. On the side, he serves as a judge in the CaGIS Map Design competition, and as a reviewer for GISCI.

I feel honored to be considered for service to the CaGIS board since CaGIS is the premier academic organization for cartography and GIS in the U.S. At this time for CaGIS, it is critical to further its strength, in terms of its breadth and depth. So I pledge myself to jointly working with our colleagues in other similar organizations to facilitate exchange of ideas and methodologies within our discipline. For CaGIS to join its biennial AutoCarto conference together with the CCA and/or NACIS conferences, this will enable not only cross-border contacts, but also facilitate further cross-border cooperation in cartography and GIS. While all three organizations hold international memberships and boards, a joint conference such as this brings together, in a cost-efficient manner, academic and governmental cartographic, GIS and spatial visualization experts in one location for North America.