The Cartography and Geographic Information Society supports research, education and practice to improve the understanding, creation, analysis, and use of maps and geographic information to support effective decision-making and improve the quality of life.

CaGIS members are scholars, practitioners, and policy makers who rely on and care about the quality of mapping and geographic information. They include researchers, professionals, and students in Cartography and GIScience.

The major goals of CaGIS are to:

  1. Represent mapping and geographic information activities in the U.S. to the International Cartographic Association (ICA).
  2. Bridge the activities of academia, government, and private industry to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and data between and within these sectors.
  3. Promote research and educational practices in Cartography and GIScience.
  4. Collaborate with governments and organizations at the national, state, regional, and local level that use mapping and GIScience.
  5. Promote the scholarship and professional career development of students in mapping and GIScience.
  6. Promote best professional practices, standards, and tools to create, use, and visualize geographic information.