40th Map Design Competition Results

Judging held at Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland, February 23, 2013


Best of Show

Atlas of Yellowstone
W. Andrew Marcus, James E. Meacham, Ann W. Rodman, Alethea Y. Steingisser



Best of Category

Mapping Mormonism: An Atlas of Latter-day Saint History
Brandon S. Plewe, Editor in Chief

Honorable Mentions

National Geographic Compact Atlas of the World
Carl Mehler

Nova Scotia Backroad Mapbook
Russell Mussio, Andrew Allen, and Chris Taylor

Atlas of South Carolina
Jerry Mitchell and Elbie Bentley


Interactive Digital

Best of Category

Field Test: On Everest
Martin Gamache, Jason Treat, and Jamie Hritsik, NGM Staff; Brian Christie Design

Honorable Mentions

1863: The March to Gettysburg and Back
Maggie Smith, Bob Pratt, Theodore A. Sickley, Alexander Stegmaier, Greg Harris, Stefan Estrada, Daily Interactive Networks

Languages at Risk
Virginia W. Mason, Maggie Smith, and Jason Treat, NGM Staff; Marty Schnure

Envisioning California’s Delta as it Was
Geoff McGhee, Lauren Sommer, Alison Whipple



Best of Category

Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map
Michael Karpovage

Honorable Mentions

Maine Huts and Trails System Map
Stephen Engle



Best of Category

Geologic Map of the West-Central Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
John Snead, Robert Paulsell, R. Hampton Peele

Honorable Mentions

Only on Socotra
Virginia W. Mason, NG Staff



Best of Category

Defining an Empire
Virginia W. Mason, Matthew Twombly, Amanda Hobbs, NG Staff

Honorable Mentions

1863: The March to Gettysburg and Back
Maggie Smith

Beneath the Oceans
Martin Gamache


Arthur Robinson Award for Best Printed Map

Drilling Through Sensitive Ground: Hydraulic Fracturing and White Nose Syndrome
Alina Taalman


David Woodward Award for Best Electronic Map

A California Tragedy: the Shocking Story of the Donner-Reed Party
Amy Lippus


Honorable Mentions

Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan
Elizabeth Meyer

Toronto Public Health DineSafe Infractions
Andrew Hong


Judging coordinated and arranged by:
Leo Dillon, U.S. Department of State
Tanya Allison, Montgomery College

Tanya Allison, Montgomery College
Miles Barger, National Park Service
Daniel Cole, Smithsonian Institution
Paul D. McDermott, retired
Tom Patterson, National Park Service
Gregory Prakas, World Bank, retired

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