In 2020, the CaGIS Board of Directors awarded the Distinguished Career Award to Terry Slocum. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Slocum was a dedicated teacher and mentor. His courses and seminars covered topics including quantitative and cognitive cartography as well as geographic visualization. He also taught courses in developing cartographic software and quantitative methods. Professor Slocum’s research interests have included visualizing data uncertainty, data exploration, map animation, stereoscopic displays, history of thematic mapping, and the use of color. He has published in numerous other prominent refereed outlets, including the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, The Professional Geographer, The Cartographic Journal, and Journal of Geoscience Education, and is the is lead author of the widely used cartographic textbook Thematic Cartography and Geovisualization.

Dr. Slocum was editor of the 1995 U.S. National Report to the International Cartographic Association, which was published as a special issue of Cartography and Geographic Information Systems. From 1999 to 2002, he served as editor of Cartography and Geographic Information Science. He also served as an officer in the Cartography and Geographic Information Society, most recently as President from 2013-15. During his academic career, he has been involved in numerous grants, including six from the National Science Foundation, and has received two Teacher Appreciation Awards from the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at the University of Kansas. He has chaired fourteen dissertation and theses committees and served on more than seventy dissertation and thesis committees. As Chair of the Geography Department his leadership was instrumental in helping the department expand from 15 to 22 members.

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