Auto-Carto I

International Conference on Automation in Cartography

December 9 - 12, 1974

Reston, Virginia


As is true for almost any department in life, you get out of a technical meeting as much as you are willing to contribute. Thus, looking back on the level of exchange at the technical sessions and workshops, in the halls, around the bar the International Conference on Automation in Cartography can be judged a profitable meeting. Many of the individual contributions were invited but many more were not, creating an atmosphere of discovery badly needed in a technical field as new and unarticulated as this.

Table of Contents


Title Page ii
Foreword iii
Preface iv

Conference Opening

Hardware Sessions  
  Introduction to Hardware 11
  Output Devices Panel 15
  Editing Methods Panel 59
  Input Methods Panel 85
  ICA Commission III Panel 127
  Outstanding Hardware Problems Panel 137
Software Sessions  
  Introduction to Software 145
  Cartographic Data Bases Panel 149
  Cartographic Data Structures Panel 165
  Terrain Representation Panel 183
  Cartographic Manipulation Panel 207
  Cartographic Symbology Panel 215
  Announcement 240
  Geographic Information Systems Panel 241
General Sessions  
  Governmental Implications of Automation Panel 247
  Professional Implications of Automation Panel 251
  Operating Systems Panel 257
Closing Session  
  Open Discussion -Whither by 1984? 287
  Summation 293
  Registrants and Addresses 297
  Index 317

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