Auto-Carto VI

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Automated Cartography

October 16 - 21, 1983

Ottawa/Hull, Canada


Auto-Carto six was an unqualified success and, since the Symposium, the organizing committee has received favourable comments from participants from all over the world. The success of the Symposium was largely due to the cooperative endeavours of the entire Canadian Cartographic Community and the major record of Auto-Carto Six is the two volume set of Proceedings edited by Dr. Barry Wellar. These are available from both the Canadian Institute of Surveying and the Canadian Cartographic Association.

I am particularly pleased to see this selection of papers from the Proceedings appear in Cartographica. It is a journal of international repute which is also a major forum for Canadian contributions to cartography. Auto-Carto Six was one of the most significant cartographic conferences ever held in Canada, and it is fitting that Cartographica be used as a medium to further disseminate some of the interesting presentations made at the Symposium.

Table of Contents


Title Page ii
Contents iii-iv
Foreword v-vi
Preface vii
Keynote Address at the Opening Session of Auto-Carto VI  
Computer Cartography's Contribution to Problem Analysis and Institutional Decision-making  
  Product/Market Matching System 12
  Computer Mapping Development at the City of Calgary 21
  Cartographie Assistee par Ordinateur pour le Recensement du Canada 30
  From Land Inventory to Land Management 40
  Organizational Needs for Technological Advancement 47
Issues and Problems Relating to Cartographic Data Use, Exchange and Transfer  
  A Demonstration Transfer of Remotely Sensed Data Utilizing the
Standard Format for the Transfer of Geocoded Polygon Data
  Cartographic Feature Coding 62
  Le Graphisme Cartographique Assiste par Ordinateur Combine
a une Base de Donnees Alphanumeriques: un Puisant outil d'Analyse
  The Role of Quality Information in the Long-term Functioning of a Geographic Information System 79
The Merger of Computer Data and Thematic Mapping  
  Rethinking DIDS: The Next Generation of Interactive Color Mapping Systems 89
  Un Logiciel de Cartographie Assistee par Micro-ordinateur 93
  A Program for Automatic Name Placement 101
  Towards an Electronic Atlas 110
  Common-sense Automated Contouring: Some Generalizations 121
Mathematical, Algorithmic and Data Structure Issues  
  Generalisation and Error in Spatial Data Bases 131
  Compression and Compaction of Binary Raster Images 140
  Tribulations of Automated Cartography and How Mathematics Helps 148
  Adaptive Grids for Geometric Operations 160
  Automated Detection of Drainage Networks from Digital Elevation Models 168
  Building a Hypergraph-based Data Structure 179
  Geodesic Modelling of Planetary Relief 188

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