Auto-Carto London, Volume 1

Proceedings Volume 1 Hardware, Data Capture and Management Techniques

September 14 - 19, 1986

London, England


The problems of gathering papers from authors for any publication is a task fraught with anxiety. To do so with authors from across the globe is an exercise guaranteed to produce stress on all parties. The task of reminding, persuading, enforcing or diplomatically extending deadlines, telexing, telephoning and letter-writing, has fallen to Christine Philbin of Conference Services Ltd. The happiest witness to her unfailing tact and efficiency is the fact that these Proceedings are complete. All authors presenting papers have submitted a full written one ( indeed, some have provided several revised versions over the past few months). The only abstracts are, as intended, for shorter presentations and are at the end of Volume 2.

Table of Contents


Title Page


Keynote Paper
Overview of National Topographic Mapping
  Digital Mapping at Ordnance Survey 13
  Digital Map Information in Japan 25
  Geographic Information System Developments within the U.S. Geological Survey 33
  Digital mapping at the Istituto Geografico Militare Italiano 43
System Developments
  Computer Assisted Cartographic Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques 53
  Deriving and Using an Object Based Model of a Mapped Area from a Feature Coded Representation 59
  FINGIS - Software and Data Manipulation 69
  The GEOLINK System, Interfacing Large Systems 76
Classification and Coding of Features
  Automatic Structuring and Feature Recognition for Large Scale Digital Mapping 86
  The Encoding of Cartographic Objects Using HBDS Concepts 96
  The System of Classification of Map Data for Digital Map 106
  Attribute Coding Scheme: Identification of Features in the U.S. Census Bureau's TIGER System 117
Data Selection and Extraction
  Hybrid Use of Hashing Techniques for Spatial Data 127
  Intersecting Layers of Information - A Computerized Solution 136
  Parallel Search in Spatial Data Distribution 146
  Extraction of Area Topology from Line Geometry 156
Cartographic Analysis: Design and Display
  A Workstation for Handling Located Data : PISTIL 166
  From Non-data to High Resolution Map Information 175
  The Philosophy and Requirements of Computer-Aided Graphic Design in Cartography 189
  Visual Impact Analysis: A Case Study of a Computer Based System 197
Field Survey Data Capture
  Land Survey Databases in Opencast Coal Mining 207
  Computerisation of Overhead Line Survey and Design in the Electrical Supply Industry 217
  The Capture of Survey Data 227
  Collection of Digital Data by the Field Surveyor 237
Rasters and Vectors
  Cartographic Models for Digital Topographic Maps 247
  The Integration of Cartographic Data Stored in Raster and Vector Formats 257
  Raster Techniques in Geological Map Production 267
  A Method to Compress Raster Map Data Files for Storage 272
Transfer Standards I
  An International Perspective on the Development of National Digital Cartographic Standards 282
  Exchanging Digital Base Mapping Data 292
  National Standards for the Transfer of Digital Map Data 298
  Developing Digital Cartographic Data Standards for the United States 312
  Data Standardization of the Integrated LIS in Finland 323
Transfer Standards II
  Data Transfer Between CIS in Canada: A Review of the Problem and Examples of Current Solutions from Atlantic Canada 333
  Digital Cartographic Data Feature Standards in the United States 340
  Obtaining Information on Quality of Digital Data 350
  The Development of a Data Model and National Standards for the Exchange of Digital Topographic Data 359
  Quality Control and Standards for a National Digital Cartographic Database 372
  Data Quality - A Management Philosophy 381
  MDIF - A Standard for Communication of Digital Map Data Over Public Data Communication Systems 391
Data Bases
  Mapping from a Topologically Encoded Data Base: The U.S. Bureau of the Census Example 402
  Digital Cartographic Data Bases: Advanced Analysis and Display Technologies 412
  The Design of a Spatial Database Management System 423
  The I.G.N. Small Scale Geographical Data Base (1:100000 to 1:500000) 433
Digital Elevation Models
  The Multi-disciplinary Applications of DBMS 447
  Accuracy Assessment of Digital Terrain Models 455
  A PC-based Editor for Digital Elevation Models 465
  Quadtree Representations of Digital Terrain 475
Data Structures
  Hierarchical Grid Structures for Static Geographic Data Bases 485
  Digital Definitions of Scale-dependent Line Structure 497
  Regional Land Information System Development Using Relational Databases and Geographic Information Systems 507
  The Use of Quadtrees in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Handling 517
Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
  Landsat and SPOT High Resolution Satellite Image a New Component for Geographic Data Bases 527
  Real-time Photogrammetric Input versus Digitised Maps Accuracy, Timeliness and Cost 538
  Remote Sensing of Power Station Thermal Discharges 544
  Digital Landuse Classification in Himalayan Region from Remotely Sensed Data 555
Towards Expert Systems
  Interfacing Cartographic Knowledge Structures and Robotics 563
  Archaic Data Models or Hardware as a Concept Killer 572
  Towards a Cartographic Expert System 578
  A Rule-based Approach for Spatial Object Modelling and Task Management 588

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