Auto-Carto IV, Volume 2

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Cartography and Computing: Applications in Health and Environment

November 4 - 8, 1979

Reston, Virginia


This fourth conference on automation in cartography was sponsored by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, and the American Society of Photogrammetry, It was held in cooperation with the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Park Service. Robert T. Aangeenbrug from the University of Kansas served as the Conference Chairman. Principal liaison officer for the National Center for Health Statistics was David Slaby and for the National Park Service, Caby Smith. Executive Secretary for the conference was Karen Stolz from the University of Kansas. Special appreciation is given to the following conference committee members for their assistance during this symposium: Mary G. Clawson (DMA), Thelma Fowler (PHS), Stanley Leizear (DMA), Jack Foreman (NOAA), Matthew Tate (USGS), Karin Baker (NOAA), and Michael Metzgar (USGS).

Table of Contents


Front Page
Title Page
Photogrammetry Sessions
  Introduction 2
  High Speed, Large Format Flatbed Photocomposition System 4
  Digital Terrain Services at Chicago Aerial Survey 14
  The Use of Computer Generated Maps in Interpreting Urban Forestry Data 24
  An Analytical Photogrammetric Solution to a Civil Engineering Problem 30
  Practical Experience in Integrating Conventional Photogrammetric Compilation and Digital Mapping Techniques 35
  Large Format Laser Scanner/Plotter System 42
Image Processing Session
  Introduction 51
  Cartographic Considerations for the Integration of LANDSAT Digital Imagery with Existing Spatial Data 52
  The Interactive Image System for the METEOSAT Project 61
  Image Processing and Navigation for the METEOSAT Project 69
  Practical Applications for Digital Cartographic Data Bases in Tactical Surveillance and Strike Systems 77
  A Data Structure for a Raster Map Data Base 85
Digital Terrain Models Sessions
  Introduction 94
  The Triangulated Irregular Network 96
  Triangulation-Based Terrain Modeling - Where Are We Now? 104
  Interactive Graphics Editing for IPIN 112
  A Unified System for Terrain Analysis and Mapping from DEM and DTM 124
  The Digital Terrain Model as a Data Base for Hydrological and Geomorphological Analyses 132
Urban Mapping Sessions
  Introduction 140
  Mapping Services in Fairfax County, Virginia 143
  Urban Mapping Applications: Census Tracts to Ownership Parcels 148
  Examples of Automated Cartography in Presenting Land Use and Land Cover Maps and Data 156
  Interactive Computer Mapping Applications to Criminal Justice Planning in Three Virginia Cities 158
  Interactive Computer Mapping 165
  Alternatives to the Population Pyramid for Mapping Age-Sex Characteristics of Metropolitan Census Tracts 172
  Computer Mapping of Cancer Mortality by Census Tract: Columbus, Ohio 1956-1974 180
  Urban Uses of Geo-Based Data: Getting the Technician Out of the Way 188
Exploration and Utility Systems Session
  Introduction 196
  Automated Mapping and Facilities Management 197
  CADAE: Computer Aided Design and Engineering 205
  'Landform' Land Analysis and Display for Mining 213
  Engineering Applications of Digital Terrain Mapping 219
  Topological Models for Architectural and Engineering Projects 223
Data Bases, Small Systems Sessions
  Introduction 235
  Coordinate Free Cartography 236
  The Data Structure of BASIS 246
Data Bases, Large Systems Sessions
  Introduction 256
  Computer-Assisted Environmental Data Handling: Issues and Implications 259
  National Ocean Survey - Automated Information System 267
  Geomodel - Integrated Data Structures for Representing Geographic Entities 275
  Ecobase of Britain: Status Report on a Digital Data Base of Britain 283
  A Data Structure for a Spatial Information System 291
  WHIRLPOOL: A Geometric Processor for Polygon Coverage Data 304
  A Formal Model of a Cartographic Information Base 312
  Extraction of Polygonal Information from Gridded Data 320
  Land Resource Information Systems: Spatial and Attribute Resolution Issues 328
  RIDS - Current Technology in Resource Management 337
  The Development of a National Small Scale Digital Cartographic Data Base 345
Interactive Cartography, Small Systems Sessions
  Introduction 354
  Recent Advances in CIS Processing Techniques Using Color Graphics and Minicomputer Technology 356
  The Cartographic Potential of Low-Cost Color Computer Graphics Systems 364
  GIMMAP: A (Mini)Computer-Assisted Cartography System 372
  Moving Interactive Thematic Mapping From Mainframe to Mini: Some Design Possibilities and Development Experience 379
Interactive Cartography, Large Systems Sessions
  Introduction 388
  Automated Production of a Large Scale Thematic Atlas 390
  Multiple System Interactive Map Compilation with Distributive Computer Network 397
  Energy Analysis by Means of Computer Generated Interactive Graphics 405
  Electron Beam Recorders for Automated Cartography 413
Auto-Carto IV Staff and Committees 425
Auto-Carto IV Participants 428
Author Index - Volume II 475

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