1. Noreen Rodgers / March 9, 2018

    My son is a sophomore in high school and is interested in a career in cartography. He needs to interview someone in the field for one of his classes. Can you recommend someone that he might reach out to for a 15 minute phone conversation?

    • Scott Freundschuh / March 13, 2018

      Hello Ms. Rodgers.

      Let me post your enquiry to our member list to see if I can find a cartography for your son to interview.



  2. Cecilia Kwan / May 9, 2018

    Hello, my son had emailed you guys a few days ago because he wants to interview a cartographer for his career project at school. I am following up to see if it is possible for him to speak with someone before this Sunday? The interview will be short and won’t last more than 15 minutes. Please let us know. Thank you. Cecilia

    • Scott Freundschuh / May 14, 2018

      Hi Cecilia.

      I am sorry to just being seeing your message now. I do not recall receiving an email from your son – I am very sorry if I have missed it.



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