CaGIS evolved from the American Congress for Surveying and Mapping which was formed in 1941 and became an independent corporation in 2004. The following table provides a brief timeline of key events between these two dates. For a full history of CaGIS and its relationship to the International Cartographic Association, please see this 2017 report from the ICA News.

1941The American Congress for Surveying and Mapping formed.
1950Cartography Division formed as part of ACSM.
1959ICA created, with ACSM as the official U.S. representative.
1974The American Cartographer begins publication in April as a semiannual journal.
1974First International Symposium on Computer-Assisted Cartography (soon to become AUTOCARTO) held in Reston, Virginia.
1978n9th International Cartographic Conference held in College Park, MD, the first ICA meeting ever in the U.S.
1979The Cartography Division gives its first “Award for Meritorious Service to the Discipline of Cartography” to Arthur Robinson. It is uncertain whether there was ever a second award.
Jan 1981ACSM is reorganized, with the American Cartographic Association (ACA) as an official member organization.
Jan 1986The American Cartographer begins quarterly publication.
Jan 1990The American Cartographer renamed Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.
April 1996We change our name to the Cartography and Geographic Information Society, along with a strategic plan that is more inclusive of GIS as a whole.
Jan 1999Journal renamed Cartography and Geographic Information Science.
Jan 2004ACSM reorganized as a federation, CaGIS becomes an independent corporation.

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