USNC Members

Patrick Kennelly, Long Island UniversityDeputy U.S. Delegate to ICA; Administrator of the NSF Grant
Jim Thatcher, Oregon State UniversityAssistant Organizer of CMC**
Christopher Sutton, Western Illinois University

Christie Ence, NOAA
Samantha Arundel, USGS
Stephanie Deitrick, City of Tempe, Arizona

Aileen Buckley, EsriUSNC Chair; Lead U.S. Delegate to ICA; Organizer of ICE*
Colleen Conner, EsriOrganizer of CMC**
Sarah Battersby, Esri
Darren Sears, Artist-Cartographer, Hang Art Gallery Assistant Organizer of ICE*

Ex-officio Member
Harold Moellering, Ohio State UniversityICA Honorary Auditor

*   International Cartographic Exhibition
** Children’s Map Competition

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