U.S. National Report

The U.S. National Committee (USNC) for the International Cartographic Association (ICA) warmly invites everyone to contribute to this year’s National Report to the ICA which recounts significant advancements and activities in cartography and GIS over the last four years. This report is made available to the public via the ICA website to allow everyone to gain an overview of national and global activities within the cartography and GIScience community. The 2023 report will be presented in August to the ICA General Assembly at the 31st International Cartographic Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

NEW! In the past, the format of the U.S. report was a compilation of articles from diverse contributors (see the U.S. National Report archive). In the future, the report will be in the format of a collation of completed “templates” that provide a concise and comprehensive account of significant activities. The USNC has volunteered to draft and test a template to compile our national report this year. The ICA Executive Committee will review our results and use their findings to finalize the template for subsequent national reports.

We invite you to help us compile this report, including cartographic and mapping societies, federal government, academic programs and departments, research institutes, commercial companies, non-profit organizations, libraries, museums, and map retailers. If you know of others who may be interested in contributing as well, please share this with them. We also plan to shine a spotlight on many of our contributors! You may be one of them!

Submissions should include, at a minimum, the responses on the template. Spotlighted submissions will require a brief statement of 200-300 words and an image or two (could be a logo, a product they have produced, a picture of their people etc.) to include in the “spotlight”. The information on the template will be used to create a profile for each contributor which will be included at the end of the report. Contributors can provide a longer report if they wish. This can be linked to in the U.S. National Report, and, like the report itself, it can be hosted by CaGIS who will also provide its URL.

To Contribute

  • Use the template to share your information. Feel free to add anything we may not have included (after all, this is just our first attempt at this).
  • Write up a 200 to 300-word statement that can be used to spotlight your submission.
  • Send any pictures you may wish to include as separate images files and note the captions at the bottom of the template. Please clearly indicate which picture each caption relates to.
  • Please note any improvements that could be made to the template (e.g., as a comment or a highlighted note in the response). We want this to be as simple and flexible as possible, so we totally welcome your suggestions!
  • Email the submission materials to the USNC Chair, Aileen Buckley, at abuckley@esri.com.
  • Please submit your materials by July 24 for on time inclusion in the report.

Submissions will be reviewed by the editor (Aileen Buckley) and members of the USNC who will serve as the editorial board. The deadline for on time submissions is July 24. Submissions after the deadline may be delayed, and all late submissions must be received by August 7.


7 July 2023Submission of on-time entries closes
12 July 2023Submission of the U.S. National Report to the ICA closes
7 August 2023Submission of late entries closes

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