U.S. National Report

According to the ICA Statutes, each ICA National Member, like the United States, must prepare a National Report for distribution at the 2023 General Assembly. This report is made available to the public via the ICA website to allow its members and anyone interested in the ICA to gain an overview about national and global activities within the cartography and GIScience community. CaGIS maintains an archive of previous U.S. National Reports.

NEW! The ICA is now requiring short but systematically structured reports to bring more topicality and comparability of the reports of all countries at the General Assembly. The ICA will provide a generic template for the reports by the beginning of 2023.

ICA National Members may also compile more exhaustive reports if their national conditions require this. These would be published on the ICA website as attachments to the template report.


  • 12 July 2023                    Submission of the U.S. National Report to the ICA closes

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