CaGIS Leadership

Board of Directors

Thomas Pingel
Department of Geography
Virginia Tech
Daniel Cole
Smithsonian Institution
Xiaobai Angela Yao
Department of Geography
University of Georgia
Indy Hurt
Vice President
GIS & Data Science
Zillow Inc
Kevin Hawley
Director, 2019-2023
U.S. Census Bureau
Washington, D.C.
Samantha Arundel
Director, 2019-2023
United States Geological Survey
Anthony Robinson
Director, 2020-2024
Department of Geography
Penn State
Michael Shin
Director, 2020-2024
Department of Geography
Gaurav Sinha
Director, 2021-2025
Department of Geography
Ohio University
Lei Zou
Director, 2022-2026
Dept. of Geography
Texas A&M University
Barry Kronenfeld
Director, 2022-2026
Department of Geography
Eastern Illinois Geography
Kari Craun
Executive Director
National Geospatial Technical Operations Center U.S.
Caglar Koylu
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
University of Iowa
Eric Delmelle
CaGIS Journal Editor
Dept. of Geography and Earth Sciences
UNC Charlotte
Nick Bearman
CaGIS Cartographic Editor
Lecturer in Geospatial Analysis
University College London

CaGIS Representatives

Matt Rice
Associate Professor
George Mason University
Aileen Buckley
US National Committee for the ICA
Research Cartographer

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