ICA General Assembly

ICA Awards

The USNC submitted two nominations for ICA awards, both of which were approved by the ICA Executive Committee. Dr. Lynn Usery was awarded the ICA Honorary Fellowship posthumously. His former colleague, Dr. Samantha Arundel (USGS), received the award on his behalf. Dr. Cynthia Brewer was awarded ICA’s highest honor, the Carl Mannerfelt Gold Medal (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Dr. Cynthia Brewer received the ICA Carl Mannerfelt Gold Medal from ICA President, Tim Trainor. Photo courtesy of Aileen Buckley.

ICA Honorary Auditors

The ICA received two nominations for Honorary Auditors for the 2023–2027 term: Harold Moellering (USA) and Markus Jobst (Austria). Both nominations were approved by the vote of the ICA General Assembly.

ICA Commissions with U.S. Chairs

The ICA received 28 nominations for commissions for the 2023–2027 term. All nominations were approved by the vote of the ICA General Assembly. Six of the commissions have chairs from the United States, and one has a U.S. vice-chair. (Figure 5). The ICA commissions with U.S. leadership include the following:

Ethics in CartographyAileen BuckleyChair
GeoAISamantha ArundelChair
Map DesignIan MuehlenhausChair
Mountain CartographyPatrick KennellyChair
User ExperienceRobert RothChair
Sustainable DevelopmentCarolyn FishVice-chair
Figure 5. Anthony Robinson, Samantha Arundel, Carolyn Fish, Robert Roth, Ian Meuhlenhaus, Aileen Buckley, and Patrick Kennelly will provide U.S. leadership for seven ICA commissions during the 2023–2027 term. Photo courtesy of Aileen Buckley.

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