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The Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) is the US adhering body to the International Cartographic Association (ICA). The US National Committee (USNC) for the ICA is a standing committee of CaGIS and acts as the liaison between ICA and CaGIS, as well as the larger the US cartographic community.

Please contact the USNC Chair (2016-2020) with any questions about the committee and its activities:

Dr. Aileen Buckley
Esri, Inc.
380 New York Street
Redlands, CA 92373-8100
phone: 909-793-2853 ext. 2997


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The 29th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) took place in Tokyo, Japan, from July 15-20, 2019 (

Over 80 participants from the US attended the conference, many of which are shown in the photo below.

Participants from the USA at the 2019 International Cartographic Conference.

Participants from the USA at the 2019 International Cartographic Conference.

The USNC supported the following activities at the 2019 ICC:

  1. Submission of the US National Report
  2. US entries in the International Cartographic Exhibition
  3. US entries in the Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Drawing Competition
  4. Nominations for the ICA Executive Committee
  5. Proposals for ICA commissions with US chairs
  6. Nominations for ICA awards
  7. USNC Travel Funding to help American and international scholars at US institutions attend the ICC

1. The US National Report

Every four years, the US National Committee (USNC) to the International Cartographic Association (ICA) publishes the US National Report to summarize cartographic and GIScience activities in the country during the previous four years across all sectors, including academia, industry, government, and others. The report is provided to all members of the ICA, and by extension, its member nations, including the US cartographic and GIScience community.

The 2019 US National Report also consists of an open-access article by K.C Clarke, J.M Johnson, and T. Trainor in Volume 46, Issue 3, June 2019, of the Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS) journal, in addition to a one-page, open-access editorial by A. Buckley explaining that the article is the part of the US National Report.

2.  International Cartographic Exhibition

The USNC displayed maps and other cartographic items for the United States in the 29th International Cartographic Exhibition (ICE) held in conjunction with the International Cartographic Conference (ICC – in Tokyo, Japan, from July 15–20, 2019.  Details about the ICE can be found at

Layout of the maps and charts portion of the 2019 International Cartographic Exhibition.

Layout of the maps and charts portion of the 2019 International Cartographic Exhibition.

3. Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition

The Barbara Petchenik Competition is a biennial map drawing competition for children whose aim is to promote the creative representation of the world in graphic form by children. The competition is organized every two years and maps are exhibited at each ICC. In a national round in all participating ICA member countries, the national winners are selected, which are exhibited during the ICC, where the international winners are selected. USNC Committee Members, Rob Edsall and Dierdre Bevington-Attardi, spearheaded the coordination US entries in the 2019 Children’s Map Competition.

The United States Children’s Map Competition is sponsored by the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) and the National Council for Geographic Education. In April 2019, the six finalists for the United States were chosen at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. These maps were displayed in the Petchenik Children’s World Map Drawing Competition at ICC 2019.

US childrens' maps in the 2019 Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Drawing Competition.

US childrens’ maps in the 2019 Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Drawing Competition.

The national finalists and winners of the 2019 international competition at the ICC in Tokyo, Japan, are listed at Winners from past competitions (from 1993), are available from the Winner Map Collection at the Carleton University Library website (

4. ICA Executive Committee

The USNC submitted a proposal for a US nominee, Mr. Tim Trainor, for the position of President on the ICA Executive Committee. The USNC also submitted a proposal for a US nominee, Mr. Harold Moellering, for the position of Honorary Auditor to the ICA. Both of these nominees won in their positions. See the winners of the Executive Committee election here.

5. ICA Commissions

The USNC submitted proposals for the following ICA commissions with U.S,. chairs or co-chairs. all of which were approved by the General Assembly:

COMMISSION Chair Vice Chair Co-Chairs
Geospatial Analysis and Modeling Xiaobai Angela Yao Bin Jiang
Geospatial Semantics Dalia Varanka Francis Harvey
History of Cartography Imre Demhardt Mirela Alti
Map Design Ian Muehlenhaus Ken Field
Map Projections Lynn Usery Miljenko Lapaine
User Experience Rob Roth Amy Griffin
Visual Analytics Anthony Robinson & Arzu Coltekin

ICA Commissions perform the majority of the substantive and apparent work of the ICA. The on-going interests and strengths of the ICA are reflected in the operational fields of its current commissions. Continuing and new commissions are proposed at the ICA General Assembly (held every four years, with the next in conjunction with ICC 2019) where delegates from the ICA member nations vote on whether to approve the proposals. The US submitted proposals for ICA commissions with US chairs to be considered at the next ICA General Assembly. Further details about ICA commissions can be found in Article 24 of the ICA statutes.

6. ICA Awards

The USNC supported a number of applications/nominations for ICA awards at ICC 2019.

  • ICA Scholarships

Nick Lally, Carolyn Fish, Harrison Cole, Ross Thorn, Xiao Huang, and Lei Zou were awarded ICA scholarships at the 2019 International Cartographic Conference.

The ICA offers scholarships to support individuals in advancing their career in cartography and GIScience to the benefit of the ICA community. ICA scholarships for young scientists or professionals in cartography and GIScience can be used to participate in ICA events (International Cartographic Conferences, Regional Cartographic Conferences, or ICA Commission workshops). Details are available at

7. USNC Travel Funding

The USNC supported 24 early career scholars and 14 non-early careers scholars to attend ICC 2019. Funding for the early career scholars came from a National Science Foundation grant, administered by USNC committee member, Patrick Kennelly. Non-early career scientists were funded by CaGIS. Application for ICC funding is a benefit of your CaGIS membership.

Early Career Scholars Non-Early Career Scholars
Cary Anderson, Penn State U Rex Cammack, U Nebraska
Nick Lally, U Kentucky Alberto Giordano, Texas State U
Carolyn Fish, U Oregon Jeffrey Howarth, Middlebury College
Lourdes Avelar, U Southern California Patrick Kennelly, Long Island U
Xiang “Peter” Chen, Arkansas Tech U Barry Kronenfeld, Eastern Illinois U
Harrison Cole, Penn State U Alan MacEachren, Penn State U
Emily Domanico, Penn State U Rakesh Malhotra, N Carolina Central U
Amariah Fischer, U Iowa Hal Moellering, Ohio State U
Song Gao, U Wisconsin Michael Peterson, U Nebraska
Xiao Huang, U S Carolina Robert Roth, U Wisconsin
Morteza Karimzadeh, Purdue U Alex Sorokine, Oak Ridge Natl Lab
William Limpisathian, U Oregon Dalia Varanka, USGS
Ting Liu, Northern Illinois U Xiaojun Yang, Florida State U
Shane Loeffler, U Minnesota Angela Yao, U Georgia
Andong Ma, Texas A&M U
Lois Park, U Southern California
Alisa Pettitt, George Mason U
Paulo Raposo, U Tennessee
John “Jack” Swab, U Kentucky
Jim Thatcher, U Washington
Ross Thorn, U Wisconsin
Wangshu Mu, Arizona State U
Lei Zou, Texas A&M U
Colin Flynn, George Mason U

Future ICCs

The 2021 ICC will be held in Florence, Italy,  from July 19 to 23. The 2023 ICC will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from August 13 to 18.

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