International Cartographic Exhibition

Participation is open to all U.S. map makers and others to submit their cartographic products for entry in the International Cartographic Exhibition (ICE). All submitted products must have been produced or modified after December 2021 (the date of the last ICC). All submitted products will be judged by a cartographic jury during the ICE, and winners will be announced at the close of the conference.

NEW! There are six categories for submissions—three of them (Atlases, Educational Cartographic Products, Physical Cartographic Products) will be exhibited on-site at the conference. Map Products, Chart Products, Story Maps, and Digital Cartographic Products and Services will be displayed online through the conference website.

Note: All items accepted for the online exhibition will be uploaded to the online platform. Uploaded items, e.g., PDFs, will be viewed in a browser and will therefore be downloadable by anyone who views them. It is therefore essential to include copyright information on items that are uploaded.

NEW! There is a limit to the number of entries in each of the categories (see for each ICA Member Nation, so the selection of the final ICE entries from the U.S. will be based on a competitive evaluation of submitted materials.

Intent to Submit

Please indicate your intent to submit an entry by sending the following information to Aileen Buckley by 15 February 2023 with full submissions due 1 May:


Download this form and follow the instructions for submissions in the different categories. For each of your submissions, be sure to provide the two required thumbnail images as well as the required information. Save the file as YourLastName_ICE 2023 Cartographic Exhibition Form. Please submit all requited materials to the U.S. Exhibitor Representative, Aileen Buckley, by 1 May 2023. The entries selected for exhibition will be announced 8 May 2023 in advance of the deadline for submissions to the ICE on 15 May 2023.


1 May 2023Submission of U.S. entries in the ICE closes
8 May 2023Selection of U.S. entries in the ICE
15 May 2023Submission to the ICC of U.S. entries in the ICE closes
31 July 2023Access to the online gallery for the 2023 ICE opens
18 August 2023Selection of winners of the ICE awards

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