USNC Funding

The USNC is offering funds to help American and international scholars and professionals at institutions, agencies, and companies in the U.S. to participate in ICC 2023. Support is available for early-career scholars (ECSs; students and those completing their degrees within the previous five years) and non-ECSs.

Funding is contingent upon acceptance of abstracts/papers by the ICC organizing committee. Notification of USNC funding is therefore made after the abstract/paper acceptance for the ICC has been announced.

ECS Applicants

Funding for ECSs is provided through a grant by the National Science Foundation. For submissions by ECSs, single-authored abstracts are given preference. Support is also based on an evaluation of submitted materials.

Non-ECS Applicants

Support for non-ECSs is provided by CaGIS for its society members; therefore, CaGIS membership is required. The number of non-ECSs supported and the amount of support is contingent upon available funds. Support is based on a competitive evaluation of submitted materials.


Submissions should include:

  • A copy of the abstract that is also submitted for the ICC
  • A 1-page curriculum vitae clearly indicating the date and type of last degree earned

Include the ICC abstract and short vitae, in that order, in a single PDF or Word document titled “Lastname ICC Abstract.pdf” (or .doc or .docx), where “Lastname” is the last name of the first author. Non-ECSs should also include proof of CaGIS membership. Only one abstract per author will be considered, including co-authorship. Please send the abstract/vitae document to the USNC Chair, Aileen Buckley, by 16 January 2023.

Requirements after the ICC

All those who received funding will receive instructions for requesting reimbursements. Funding will be contingent upon submission of the required reimbursement requests, along with a brief statement (1/2 to 1 page) about your conference experience. These statements are used in our proposal to the NSF to help secure travel funding for the next ICC in 2025.


9 January 2023Extended submission of ICC full papers closes
16 January 2023Extended submission of ICC abstracts closes
16 January 2023Extended submission of USNC travel funding applications closes
February 2023Notification of abstract/paper acceptance by the ICC
March 2023Notification of travel funding acceptance by USNC
8 May 2023Submission of revised abstracts and papers closes
15 May 2023Registration deadline for presenters of abstracts, papers, and posters

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