AutoCarto 2018

AutoCarto Research Symposia began in 1974, fueled by the rapid evolution of cartographic research in the late 20th century. Automated cartography was about 15 years old at this time, and research in this field led to the development of software and hardware that offered a new way of perceiving and interacting with the geographic environment. In four decades since the first AutoCarto, spatial information technologies have become ubiquitous. AutoCarto continues to provide some of the most forward-looking research on spatial information science.

Nineteen AutoCarto research symposia have been held since 1974. All have been sponsored (with three exceptions) by the CaGIS society, which, like the CaGIS journal, has undergone a series of name changes reflective of the evolution of cartography and GIScience—from “Cartography Division” of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), to the “American Cartographic Association” (ACA), and “Cartography and Geographic Information Society” as of 1996.

Each new AutoCarto Symposium presents a wealth of timely and relevant multi-disciplinary research. Areas of focus have shifted substantially, and today include research on geospatial data science; mobile mapping; geovisualization; open source; decision analytics; geolocation privacy; machine learning; interoperability; VGI; data & navigation for autonomous vehicles; statistical mapping; mapping and climate change; LIDAR; multispectral data; unmanned aerial systems; spatial cognition; BIG data challenges; statistical modeling in GIS; semantic web; ontologies; spatial-temporal GIS; image segmentation; and dynamic mapping.

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