CaGIS is pleased to recognize the two winners of the ICA-IMIA map awards. The ICA/IMIA Award for Excellence in Cartography Award promotes and recognizes excellence in map design and advancement in cartography. The criteria for this award includes creativity, appropriate text, design balance, unity, clarity, effective use of color, cohesiveness of title and technical aspects of the subject matter. Two awards are given annually with no distinction between first and second place.

The first ICA/IMIA award went to the U.S. Geological Survey for Geologic Map of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado (Cartographers: Paco VanSistine, Richard Madole, and Joseph Romig).

The second ICA/IMIA award went to Tokyo Map Research Incorporated for Relationship between geographical names and landforms with names of birds in Japan (Cartographer: Masataka Satoh). Congratulatons to both winners!

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