CaGIS is seeking proposals for hosting the 2026 CaGIS Conference.  While 2026 may seem to be far in the future, it is not too early to start planning if we want to have access to the best facilities at the low(er) cost.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal to host the conference in 2026, please fill in the Google form linked below in this message by August 31, 2024.  While there is not a lot of detail requested in this proposal, it requires a potential host to identify a specific location and venue/facility with certain characteristics we know we will need for the conference.  Once we have initial proposals, the CaGIS Board will narrow our options to just a few proposals and develop some additional details for each of the sites on the “short list.”  We anticipate making a site selection at our Fall, 2024 CaGIS Board meeting.

Note that this will be our first “independent” CaGIS Conference since the name change away from the AutoCarto Conference series, so, we would like to showcase all CaGIS has to offer at this meeting!

Thank you for your time and interest and if you have any questions, please let me know or contact any of our CaGIS Officers (

Link to Proposal form:

Kari J. Craun

Executive Director

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