GeoBytes Webinar June 5

Digital Twin of a Utility: GIS, AI, HPC, and Automatic Building Energy Modeling (AutoBEM) software
June 5th at 12 Noon ET
Presenter: Joshua Ryan New

Please register for the webinar by Wednesday, June 3 at 12:00 pm (noon) EST at

In 2019, 125 million U.S. residential and commercial buildings consumed $412 billion in energy bills – 40% of primary energy consumption, 73% of electricity, 80% of peak demand, and 39% of greenhouse gas emissions. A resilient and sustainable built environment would be greatly facilitated by the accurate benchmarking, reduction, and offset of buildings’ energy consumption and renewable opportunities.

Dr. Joshua New discusses his team’s goal to create a model of every building in America by the end of 2020. This approach leverages GIS data, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and building energy modeling in conjunction with other non-traditional data sources and technologies
to achieve urban- to nation-scale creation, simulation, analysis, and interactive visualization of energy/demand opportunities for every single building at sub-hourly temporal scales and geographical scales larger than a city. Specifically, results will be showcased, validated, and discussed in the context of a digital twin that was created in partnership with the electrical distributor for Chattanooga, TN (EPB).

Dr. Joshua New is a computer scientist from Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he serves at ORNL’s Building Technology Research Integration Center (BTRIC) as subprogram manager for software tools and models. He has over 130 peer-reviewed publications and has led more than 45 competitively-awarded projects in the past 5 years involving websites, web services, databases, simulation development, visual analytics, supercomputing using the world’s #1 fastest supercomputer and artificial intelligence for big data mining. Dr. New’s team vision is to create a model of every U.S. building by the end of 2020 for quantifying energy, demand, emissions, and cost savings

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