October 14 GeoBytes Webinar for CaGIS Members

Bandana Kar will be presenting “Geoinformatics for Infrastructure Resilience” at the next GeoBytes webinar on Friday, October 16th at 12:00 pm EST. The webinar is FREE for all CaGIS members. See attached abstract for more information about the presentation.

Please register for the webinar prior to 12:00 pm (noon) EST on Wednesday, October 14th. To register:

1)     Visit

2)     Click on the link to the GeoBytes webinar of interest.

3)     Login to your ASPRS account or create a new account. (Creating a new account does not require you to become a member of ASPRS.)

4)     Click the Register Myself button.

5)     Click Proceed to Checkout.

6)     Enter the Coupon Code “CaGIS2020” to reduce the price to $0. Please note that CaGIS will verify the list of registrants using the CaGIS2020 coupon code to confirm CaGIS membership. Only active CaGIS members using the CaGIS2020 coupon code will be given access to the webinar.

7)    You will receive a separate email asking you to register with zoom. After that registration, you will receive an email from Webinar Host with a personalized link for you to join the webinar.

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