Call for Nominations – CaGIS Board

The CaGIS board is currently seeking nominees for future board positions.  Currently, we are seeking nominations for Vice President and two members of the Board of Directors.  The elected Vice President will serve a four-year term as VP, President-Elect, President, and Past President.  The Directors will each serve a four-year term.    

CaGIS rotates the officer positions among 1) government or private sectors and 2) academic sector, the next VP nominee will be selected from government or the private sector. The terms for those elected this year will run from spring 2024 until spring 2028. 

These positions include participating in one face-to-face Board meeting per year as well as one virtual Board meeting.  The face-to-face meeting is typically in conjunction with other meetings CaGIS members attend (such as the Annual AAG Meeting or CaGIS Conference) with travel reimbursement provided.   Other time required will depend on which CaGIS activities you choose to be more involved in as an officer or director. 

By choosing to serve as an officer or a board member, you will have the opportunity to influence the direction of the Society while working with a fabulous group of people.  You will be able to have direct input on the priorities of the society, future conference planning, and membership and financial strategies while expanding your professional network of amazing cartographic and geospatial contacts. 

The next two years are extremely important for CaGIS.  We will be co-hosting the 2024 CaGIS + UCGIS Symposium in Columbus, Ohio from June 3-6 and will be providing support for the International Cartographic Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia July 28-August 1, 2025.   In addition to conference support, CaGIS provides the community with a peer-reviewed journal, a number of student scholarships, an annual Map Design Competition, and serves as the United States liaison to the International Cartographic Association.  As an officer or a board member, you will have the opportunity to participate and influence all of these activities. 

So, if you would like the opportunity to make a significant contribution to CaGIS and the geospatial community as a whole (or if you would like to nominate someone whom you think could make a significant contribution), please contact me via e-mail at by November 15, 2024.  The election of CaGIS officers will take place in December 2024.  The first face-to-face CaGIS Board meeting after elections will be in conjunction with the 2024 meeting in Columbus in early June.  

Dan Cole, CaGIS Past President

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