AutoCarto 2020

CaGIS proudly presented AutoCarto 2020,
the 23rd International Research Symposium on cartography and GIScience,
with its focus on the intersection of the two.

AutoCarto 2020 was offered online and remains accessible, free of cost for all, as a set of keynotes, workshops, and extended abstracts and/or slides and recorded presentations.

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The AutoCarto symposium series, started in 1974, has a long history of bringing together people from academia, industry, and government agencies to share research and explore new ideas in cartography and GIScience.

The theme of AutoCarto 2020 was WhereNext. In this symposium, we not only look at where we are and where to go next, we also challenge the ideas of where and next in terms of meaning, communication, visualization, and reasoning in the new age of automation, robotic revolution, and artificial intelligence (AI).

To help support future AutoCarto conferences, and the research, education, and practice of Cartography and Geographic Information Science.

AutoCarto 2020 wishes to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the conference:

AutoCarto 2020 is endorsed by the International Cartographic Association.

Conference Chair

Aileen Buckley, Esri

Program Chair

May Yuan, The University of Texas at Dallas

Organizing Committee

David Alvarez, Esri
Samantha Arundel, U. S. Geological Survey
Rex Cammack, University of Nebraska – Omaha
Daniel Cole, Smithsonian Institute
Kari Craun, retired (U.S. Geological Survey)
Eric Delmelle, University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Charlie Frye, Esri
Kevin Hawley, U.S Census Bureau
Indy Hurt, Zillow
Mark Kumler, University of Redlands
Rakesh Malhotra, North Carolina Central University
Thomas Pingel, Virginia Tech University
Jaynya Richards, Esri
Anthony Robinson, The Pennsylvania State University
Michael Shin, University of California – Los Angeles
Alexandre Sorokine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Denis White, Oregon State University

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