AutoCarto 2006

The Cartographic and Geographic Information Society is proud to present this permanent record of AutoCarto 2006, the 16th International Research Symposium on Computer-based Cartography, Vancouver, Washington, USA, June 26-28, 2006.

E. Lynn Usery, AutoCarto 2006 Conference Chair

Suggested Citation: Proceedings, AutoCarto 2006. The 16th International Research Symposium on Computer-based Cartography. Vancouver, Washington, USA. June 26-28, 2006. Retrieved from

Decision-centered Visualisation in Civil Crisis Management by Gennady Andrienko and Natalia Andrienko

A Systemic Approach to the Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data by Natalia Andrienko and Gennady Andrienko

Building an Exploratory Visual Analysis Tool for Qualitative Researchers by Tanuka Bhowmick

Using e-Delphi to Evaluate the Pennsylvania Cancer Atlas by Tanuka Bhowmick, Adrienne Gruver, Anthony C. Robinson, Alan M. MacEachren, and Eugene Lengrich A Map Generalization Web Service by Matthew Bloch and Mark Harrower

Multi-Representation Databases with Explicitly Modeled Intra-Resolution, Inter-Resolution and Update Relations by Matthias Bobzien, Dirk Burghardt, Ingo Petzold, Moritz Neun, and Robert Weibel

Mastering Map Scale: Formalizing Guidelines for Multi-Scale Map Design by Cynthia A. Brewer and Barbara P. Buttenfield

Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Perspective of Modern Geo-communication by Lars Brodersen and Anders Nielsen

Value Assessment in Managing Cartography and Geo-communication by Lars Brodersen

Modelling Geographic Phenomena at Multiple Levels of Detail by Omair Chaudhry and William Mackaness

Visual Inquiry Toolkit – An Integrated Approach for Exploring and Interpreting Space – Time, Multivariate Patterns by Jin Chen, Alan M. MacEachren, and Diansheng Guo

The Anatomy and Physiology of the GeoGrid by Keith C. Clarke, Quinfeng Guan, and Tong Zhang

Decision Making in a Virtual Environment: Effectiveness of a Semi-immersive “Decision Theatre” in Understanding and Assessing Human Environment Interactions by Rob Edsall and Kelli L. Larson

The Changing Look of Maps within Geographic Journals by Dennis Fitzsimons and Eugene Turner

Two Novel Surface Representations Techniques by W. Randolph Franklin, Metin Inanc, and Zhongyi Xie

A Product-driven Approach to Designing a Multi-purpose, Multi-scale GIS Base Map Database that Supports High-quality Mapping by Charlie Frye

Deformation Using Agents for Map Generalization: Application to the Preservation of RElationships between Fields and Objects by Gaffuri Julien

Calibrating a Parallel Geographic Cellular Automata Model by Qingfeng Guan, Keith C. Clarke, and Tong Zhang

Can Undergraduate Geography Programs Meet the Expanding Demand for Geo-spatial Analysts? A case Study and Cause for Concern by William L. Hamilton

Multimodal Web GIS: Augmenting Map Navigation and Spatial Data Visualization with Voice Control by R. Daniel Jacobson and Ken Sam

Visualizing Risk for Hill Walkers by Alastair Jardine and William Mackaness

Understanding Spatio-temporal Patterns: Visual Ordering of Space and Time by Menno-Jan Kraak and Daniel E. van de Vlag

Design and Experience of Generalization Tools by Dan Lee and Paul Hardy

Automated Georeferencing Based on Topological Point Patern Matching by Yan Li and Ronald Briggs

Visualizing Spatial Uncertainty of Multinomial Classes in Area-Class Mapping by Weidong Li and Chuanrong Zhang

Optimal Portrayal of Contour Information over Steep Terrain by William Mackaness and Mike Steven

Design and/or Default: Assaying Cartography in the 21sth Century by George F. McCleary, Jr.

“Intelligent” Dasymetric Mapping and its Comparison to Other Areal Interpolation Techniques by Jeremy Mennis and Torrin Hultgren

Developing OGC Compliant Web Mapping for the UK Satellite Image Data Service by Gail Millin and Kamie Kitmitto

WebGD: A Framework for Web-based GIS/Database Applications by Toshimi Minoura and Hiroshi Tashiro

Cartography: From Drawing to Database (Technology Facilitates Traditional Styles) by Edith M. Punt, Robert Jensen, Paul Hardy, and Tim Daly

Geospatial Data Integration Open Service Bus Architecture by Erel Rosenberg and Dieter Schneider

Methods for Improving and Updating the Knowledge of a Generalization System by Anne Ruas, Aurelie Dyevre, Cecile Duchene, and Patrick Taillandier

Estimation of Accumulated Upstream Drainage Values in Braided Streams Using Augmented Directed Graphs by Lawrence V. Stanislawski, Michael P. Finn, Michael J. Starbuck, E. Lynn Usery, and Patrick Turley

Robust Representation and Analysis of Geo-Information by Rod Thompson, Peter van Oosterom, and David Pullar

Representation of Change in GIS: From Theory to Practice by Tony Turner and Hamid Ekbia

GeoModeler — Linking Scientific Models with a GIS for Scenario Testing and Geovisualization by C. Vance, S. Mesick, C. Moore, and D. Wright

Improvisational Geovisualization of the 2000 United States Census by Chris Weaver

The GIS Web Portal: Beyond Data Services by Tong Zhang, Keith C. Clarke, and Quingfeng Guan

A Comprehensive Multi-level Modeling Method for the Establishment of 3D and Virtual Reality GIS by Yongping Zhao, Amani Al Othman, Hanan Alhashash, and Mostafa Kawiani

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