AutoCarto 2008

The Cartographic and Geographic Information Society is proud to present this permanent record of AutoCarto 2008, the 17th International Research Symposium on Computer-based Cartography, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA, September 8-11, 2008.

Keith C. Clarke, AutoCarto 2008 Conference Chair

Suggested citation (in APA format):
[Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial]. (2008, September). [Conference paper title]. Paper presented at AutoCarto 2008, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA. Retrieved from

Asterisks denote papers published in Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Vol. 36, No. 1. These papers are accessible online from Taylor and Francis at

A Cadastral Geodatabase for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service by D.L. Vandegraft

Automated Detection and Delineation of Inset Maps by W. G. Thompson

A Web-Based Spatio-temporal Decision Support Tool for Humanitarian Support Distribution by O. Kizito, P. Jehopio and E. Koster

A Web Based Tool For the Detection and Analysis of Avian Influenza Outbreaks From Internet News Sources by I. Turton and A. Murdoch

An Assessment of SRTM Based on Topographic Maps in the Territory of Turkey by I.O. Bildirici, A. Ustun, Z. Selvi, A. Abbak, and I. Bugdayci

Applying Sequence Alignment for Analyzing User Interactions with Geovisualizations by A.L. Griffen

Brazilian System of the Cities Information (SNIC): Easing the access to the Information and to the Cities Management by A.R. da Silva and L.M. Senra

Combining Attribute with Geometry for Automated Generalization and Schematization by D.G. Leibovici, J. Swan, S. Anand, and M. Jackson

Complex Automated Map Production Workflow Supporting the 2010 Decennial Census by T. Trainor and S. Spahlinger

Consequences of DEM Choice in a Land Use Application by T. LaLonde, A. Shortridge, J. Messina, and C. Yansa

Creating and Updating Navigation Maps for Children Purposes (in Crises Situations) by T. Bandrova and V. Stanislav

Creative Cartography Based on Dialogue by S. Christophe

Dimensional Collapse and Airports in Multi-Scale Mapping by E.B. Wolf and B.P. Buttenfield

Dynamic Cartogram Visualization of Presidential Election Results by M. Brachman

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Interactive Map Interface Designs: A Case Study with Eye Movement Analysis by A. Çöltekin, S. Garlandini, B. Heil, and S. I. Fabrikant

Exploring Human Spatio-Temporal Behavior Patterns by A. Millonig and G. Gartner

First Responders and Crisis Map Symbols: Making Communication Clearer by M.K. Akella

GIS and Remote Sensing Applications to Study Urban Sprawl of Udaipur, India by M. Jain

Improving Feature Extraction of Composite Cartographic Information in Low-Quality Maps by S. Leyk and R. Boesch

Is Your Map Here? A Well Designed Interface Design Will Help You Answer this Question Quickly by J. Gelernter and M. Lesk

Automating Landscape Illustration with Pen and Ink Style Rendering by J.E. Mower

On-demand Map Design Based on User-oriented Specifications by L. Jolivet

Real-Time Data in Operational Hydrology—Ways of Visualizations in an Online Cartographic Application by C. Lienert, R. Weingartner, and L. Hurni

Spatial Relationship Networks: Network Theory Applied to GIS Data by B. Bitters

Temporal follow-up of Morphological Changes in Urban Zone by A. Mas

The Design and Intended Use of the North American Profile V1.2 for Spatial Metadata by H. Moellering, J. Brodeur, D.M. Danko, S. Shin, and R. Sussman

The Impact of User Expertise on Geographic Risk Assessment Under Uncertain Conditions by R.E. Roth

Topological Coordinates by A. Saalfeld

User-centered Design for Digital Map Navigation Tools by S.E. Battersby

2010 Urban Area Criteria Research at the Census Bureau by K. Hawley

Visualizing Context by J. Mount and D. Bennett

Working Towards a Multipurpose Marine Cadastre by J. S. Fulmer

A Generalization Framework for Cartographic Multi-representation on Small Display: Combining Cognitive Approach in Building Feature Generation [Poster] by R. Li

GIS Database Development and Analysis of Public Access to Water Sources in the Mayange Sector of Rwanda [Poster] by M. Baber

Ocean GeoPortal: An Educational and Data Harvesting Tool [Poster] by D.G. Cole

The Sensitivity of Pattern Analysis due to Cartographic Scale and Map Complexity [Poster] by E.A. Wentz

User-generated Audio Tours Integrated with Egocentric Maps [Poster] by K. Tsuruoka

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