AutoCarto 2010

The Cartographic and Geographic Information Society is proud to present this permanent record of AutoCarto 2010, the 18th International Research Symposium on Computer-based Cartography, Orlando, Florida, USA, November 15-19, 2010.

AutoCarto 2010 was a part of a Special Joint Symposium of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Commission IV held in conjunction with the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing on “Geospatial Data and Geovisualization: Environment, Security, and Society.”

E. Lynn Usery, AutoCarto 2010 Conference Chair

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[Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial]. (2010, November). [Conference paper title]. Paper presented at AutoCarto 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA. Retrieved from

Alternate citation:
Madden, Marguerite, and E. Lynn Usery, Editors (2011) ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII Part 4, Geospatial Data and Geovisualization: Environment, Security, and Society, Special Joint Symposium of ISPRS Commission IV and AutoCarto 2010 in conjunction with ASPRS, Orlando, Florida, USA, November 15-19. ISBN 1-57083-094-0. Online at

Contents © 2010, 2011 by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and Cartography and Geographic Information Society. All rights reserved.

Asterisks denote papers published in Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Vol. 38, No. 2. These papers are accessible online from Taylor and Francis at

* Is There a Need for New-Cartography? by Menno-Jan Kraak

Handheld Data Collection and Its Effects on Mapping by Elise Alkire

* Identifying Vector Feature Textures Using Fuzzy Sets by Chris Anderson-Tarver, S. Leyk, and Barbara P. Buttenfield

Web Mapping with Google Maps Mashups: Overlaying Geodata by Ibrahim Bildirici and N.N. Ulugtekin

Advances in Desktop 3D-Stereoscopic Visualization of Geospatial Data by Barry Bitters

Looking Back and Ahead: A History of Cartography at the Census Bureau and What the Future Holds by Kaile Bower

Performance of Map Symbol and Label Design with Format And Display Resolution Options Through Scale for the National Map by Cynthia Brewer, C.L. Hanchett, Barbara P. Buttenfield, and E.L. Usery

Visualisation of Health Data Through SVG Maps by Otakar Cerba

Automatic Selection of the Roads Using Network Structure In Transportation Generalization by O. Nuri Çobankaya, Serdar Aslan, and Özlem Simav

Creation of Next Generation U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps by Kari Craun

US Census Bureau Maf/Tiger Product Database: Implementation In The Redesigned Maf/Tiger System Environment by A.A. Danso

Affecting Decision Making: Eliciting Emotional Responses During Map Reading Through Music by Robert Edsall

Shape Assessment of Generalized Building Footprints by Yevgeniya Filippovska and Martin Kada

A Cartographic Presentation Model For Navigation and Location-Based Applications by Dariusz Gotlib

Geovisualization of Planned and Executed Routes for Land Navigation Training with Pen Based and Gps Technology by Michael Hendricks, James Merlo, John Puryear, and Justin Smith

* Compromising Contextual Constraints and Cartographic Rules: Application to Sustainable Maps by Charlotte Hoarau

* A New Construction Method for Circle Cartograms and Its Application by Ryo Inoue

Publication of Land Price Information Through the Comparison Of Interpolated Appraised Prices and Transaction Prices by Ryo Inoue, W. Nakanishi, A. Sugiura, T. Nakano, and S. Yoneyama

* Terrain Generalization with Multi-Scale Pyramids Constrained By Curvature by Bernhard Jenny and L. Hurni

* Aggregation of 3D Buildings with a Hybrid Data Model by Martin Kada

Korean Atlas Program for Coastal Pollution Response by Hye-Jin Kim, Moonjin Lee, and Seung-Hyun Lee

* Visualizing Natural Hazard Data and Uncertainties – Customization Through a Web-Based Cartographic Information System by Melanie Kunz, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, and Lorenz Hurni

* Completing Fragmentary River Networks Via Induced Terrain by Tsz-Yam Lau and W. Randolph Franklin

Visualization of Dynamics in Linear Referenced Transportation Data by Yanfen Le

* The Impact of Hurricanes on Crime in the City of Houston, Tx: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis by Michael Leitner and M. Helbich

* Diarrheal Mortality of Children In Association with Hydrography in Brazil by Stefan Leyk, T.P. Phillips, J.M. Smith, and J.R. Nuckols

Post-Event Flood Documentation and Communication Using a Hydrological Map Information System by Christophe Lienert, R. Weingartner, and L. Hurni

Consistency in Maps with Altering Scales – A Cartographic Experiment by the Use of Mobile Phones by Terje Midtbo

* A Visual Art Interface to Multi-Temporal Maps by Antoni Moore, Diana Marinescu, and Robert Tenzer

* Supporting Automated Pen and Ink Style Surface Illustration With B-Spline Models by James E. Mower

Indoortubes A Novel Design for Indoor Maps by Alexander Nossum

Smooth Transition Between 2D and 3D Digital Atlas Visualization Using Computer Game Technology by Lorenzo Oleggini, S. Nova, I. Orvieto, and L. Hurni

Analysing Eye Movement Patterns to Improve Map Design  by Kristien Ooms, Philippe De Maeyer, and Veerle Fack

Indoor Navigation and Modeling Using Photographed Evacuation Plans and MEMS IMU by Michael Peter, Norbert Haala, Markus Schenk, and Tim Otto

Piece by Piece: A Method of Cartographic Line Generalization Using Regular Hexagonal Tessellation by Paulo Raposo

* The Card Sorting Method for Map Symbol Design by Robert Roth, B.G. Finch, J.I. Blanford, A. Klippel, A.C. Robinson, and A.M. MacEachren

Producing Millions of Maps for the United States’ 2010 Decennial Census by Matthew Schell and S. Spahlinger

Designing a Cartographic Ontology for Use with Expert Systems by Richard Smith

* Hydrographic Feature Generalization in Dry Mountainous Terrain by Lawrence Stanislawski and Barbara P. Buttenfield

* Establishing Classification and Hierarchy in Populated Place Labeling for Multiscale Mapping for the National Map by Wesley Stroh, S.J. Butzler, and C.A. Brewer

Planning for the Future: The Geographic Support System Initiative For the U.S. Census Bureau by Timothy Trainor

Topographic Base Maps for Physical Planning Maps: User Research for Generalization by Corne P.J.M. van Elzakker, and W.P.E. van de Berg

* Object-Relational Datamodel Components for Geologic Mapping Conduct by Stephan van Gasselt and Andea Nass

* Complex Topographic Feature Ontology Patterns by Dalia Varanka and Thomas J. Jerris

An Open Source Web Application For Historic Air Photo Display and Distribution in Wisconsin by Howard Veregin, P.C. Gorman, J. Stoltenberg, A.J. Wortley, and M. Bricknell

Application of the Radical Law in Generalization of National Hydrography Data for Multiscale Mapping by James Wilmer and C.A. Brewer

Architectures for Business-Critical Mobile Mapping by Paul M. Wilson

5D-Odetlap: A Novel Five-Dimensional Compression Method on Time-Varying Multivariable Geospatial Dataset by You Li, Tsz-Yam Lau, Peter Fox, and W. Randolph Franklin

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