Auto-Carto X

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer-Assisted Cartography

March 25 - 28, 1991

Baltimore, Maryland


This volume contains the 27 papers of the Tenth International Symposium on Computer- Assisted Cartography. AUTO-CARTO 10 represents a new direction for the series. (Only time will tell whether it was the start of a new course, or a temporary detour!) For the first time, full papers were peer-reviewed by at least two, and often three or four, members of the program committee. Furthermore, accepted papers were returned to the authors for revision based on the reviewers comments. Our announced plan was to accept between 30 and 40 papers, and we expected to select those from a pool of perhaps 100 submissions. Based on that expectation, a large program committee with a total of 22 members was established to conduct the reviewing and to advise on final program decisions; the program committee co-Chairs wish to thank all the members of the committee for their timely and conscientious reviewing and other participation in the decision-making process.

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Refereed Papers:  
  Database Architecture for Multi-scale GIS 1
  Resolution Revisited 15
  Generalization Operations and Supporting Structures 29
  Using Spline Functions to Represent Distributed Attributes 46
  New Proximity-preserving Orderings for Spatial Data 59
  Zenithial Orthotriangular Projection 77
  Detecting Features in Low Resolution Aerial images of City Blocks 96
  Automatic Digitization of Large Scale Maps 113
  Thematic Mapping from Imagery: An Aspect of Automated Map Generalization 123
  Producing Answers to Spatial Questions 133
  Qualitative Spatial Reasoning about Cardinal Directions 148
  Improving Spatial Analysis in GIS Environments 168
  Characterization of Functions Representing Topographic Surfaces 186
  Simulation of the Uncertainty of a Viewshed 205
  Dynamic Maintenance of Delaunay Triangulations 219
  Adaptive Hierarchical Triangulation 234
  Structuring the Knowledge of Cartographic Symbolization-- An Object-oriented Approach 247
  Are Displays Maps or Views? 261
  UGIX: A GIS Independent User Interface Environment 275
  Algebraic Optimization of Combined Overlay Operations 296
  Spatial Overlay with Inexact Numerical Data 313
  A Diagnostic Test for Error in Categorical Maps 330
  GeoGraph: A Topological Storage Model for Extensible GIS 349
  Topological Models for 3D Spatial Information Systems 368
  The Reactive-tree: A Storage Structure for a Seamless, Scaleless Geographic Database 393
  Integration of Spatial Objects in a GIS 408
Summaries for Panel Discussions (Unrefereed):  
  Alternative Representations of Geographic Reality 416
  What's the Big Deal about Global Hierarchical Tesselation? 418
  Visualizating the Quality of Spatial Information 423
Refereed Paper (Late Arrival):  
  A General Technique for Creating SIMD Algorithms on Parallel Pointer-based Quadtrees 428

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